Episode 9

Published on:

2nd Nov 2021

Women, Self-Worth & Raising Authentic Daughters // with Charlsey Childers

Can you relate to this?  You have so much to be grateful for - good relationships, a good job, good friends, good health.  But still, you don’t feel happy -- you don't feel like you’re enough.  

In this episode, Charlsey Childers, a self-worth and confidence coach, explains why she became a coach, why women and girls struggle with self-worth, and how moms can help themselves and their daughters feel confident, worthy, loved, and show up authentically in life.

Charlsey shares:

  • We are all born fully accepting of ourselves
  • What causes low self-worth in women & girls
  • How moms can help daughters show up authentically and  feel worthy and loved

To learn more about Charlsey Childers and her work:

  • Visit www.charlseychilders.com - there, you can download her free guide “10 Ways to Defeat Self-Doubt in 10 Minutes”
  • Instagram: @charlsey_childers

Other resources/good stuff referenced in this episode:

  • Ep. 007 - Wendy Snyder's "10 Phrases Parents Can Use to Empower Their Daughters"

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