Episode 10

Published on:

9th Nov 2021

Confident & Grounded Daughters In a Social Media World // with Charlsey Childers

Charlsey Childers, self-worth and confidence coach, is back with more actionable advice and wise words to help moms bolster their self-worth and raise confident daughters.

Check out Charlsey's previous episode here: Women, Self-Worth, and Raising Authentic Daughters

Charlsey and host Carmelita Tiu discuss:

  • 3 ways to start boosting your self worth right away, including doing something every day that brings you joy!
  • Dealing with the specter of social media and helping your daughter navigate that landscape (and what that has to do with The Three Little Pigs!)
  • 3 ways to support your tween/teen as they traverse through adolescence

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To learn more about Charlsey Childers and her work:

  • Visit www.charlseychilders.com - there, you can download her free guide “10 Ways to Defeat Self-Doubt in 10 Minutes” and see what else she has in store!
  • Instagram: @charlsey_childers

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:: Here's to strong women -- may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them. ::

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